Solve Japanese Ring Puzzle: How?

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Solve Japanese Ring Puzzle: How?

solve Japanese Ring Puzzle

How to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle?

Firstly, this is the question I’ve encountered most in my life. People are desperately trying to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle with the hope to beat the famous old Japanese man.

This Japanese (to be exact):

When I first attempted this Japanese ring rope puzzle, I was also puzzled trying to pull the rope over (hopelessly).

I bet 95% of you try the same thing! The other 5% tries to … break the puzzle in pieces.

Jokes aside! In this post, I will share with you an official way to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle. Therefore, if you intend to try the puzzle on your own, please stop reading NOW.

In addition, you should proceed this post with caution as it may/will spoil the whole fun of the Japanese Ring Puzzle. Remember that this wooden puzzle is regarded as one of the most challenging brain teasers for a reason.

Solve Japanese Ring Puzzle in 9 steps

Spoiler alert – spoiler alert (think twice before proceeding):

  1. Move the left rope over the top

  2. Then move the ring up the string

  3. And move the ring close to the top

  4. Pull the rope through the wood ring

  5. Move the ring along the rope and through the loops

  6. Put the rope back through the wood ring

  7. Move the right side rope over the top

  8. Move the ring down the rope

  9. The ring is now on the other side! (congratulation)

Of course, you can follow the video ’till the end to see how the puzzle expert Yamamoto magically move the ring from the green bead over to the red’s.

If you ever need to have the solution printed for you when ordering the puzzle, please kindly send us an email. It will be our pleasure to ensure that you have a “back up plan” (just in case).

To buy the Japanese Ring Puzzle, it is very easy. You can go here!

Moreover, please remember that since I am one of the original hand-crafters of this wooden brain teaser, you will always have the best price here at (the website URL says it all).

Finally, I hope that you won’t share this post widely so as to keep the fun live on for a longer time.


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