Wooden block puzzle: Online or offline?

wooden puzzle
Why is wooden puzzle a good idea for kids?
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Wooden block puzzle: Online or offline?

What is wooden block puzzle by the way?

As you probably know that I am a big fan of wooden puzzles, today I love to share with you about wooden block puzzle.

Wooden blocks puzzle, by definition, is a brain teaser game that challenges you to solve. Often, it comes with touching the block to move or remove so as to achieve the game’s objective.

Some youngsters may refer wooden block puzzle to some online game applications that look like Tetris. And there are many types of this game which are quite addicted to play (to be honest).

wooden block puzzle

Look like Tetris, yeah? Want to play this, go HERE

If you search on Google for the term “wooden block puzzle”, it seems that the search engine will return most results associated with online games, which you can easily download from Itunes store or Google Play.

I get some applications on my mobile phone too; however, as a man of “real” wood, I prefer to solve wooden block puzzle in my bare hands.

“Real” wooden blocks puzzle

Here, I want to introduce you to some famous block puzzles that you can play without your smart phone.

1. 3D interlocking puzzle

The first brain teaser in block is this 3D wooden puzzle.

wooden block puzzle

Could you solve it, my friend?

This interlocking puzzle consists of 12 pieces. The challenge is to break all the pieces and assemble them back. Sound easy, but probably not!

And it comes in different shapes and sizes also. You will be both surprise and puzzled of how many types this wooden puzzle can offer you to solve.

For example:

wooden block puzzle

I particularly prefer this star one. I looks much more complicated and challenging.

wooden block puzzle

How’s about this? Look interesting huh.

I have attempted to solve some of these 3D interlocking puzzle, since I was 11 years old. It’s excited to have the ability to “dissolve” something and get it back together later.

And clearly, we have quite many options in hand:

wooden blocks puzzle

All these wooden blocks puzzles …

2. Soma cube

Soma cube is really familiar puzzle to most puzzle lovers around the globe.

soma cube

This is really great toy for children to develop their cognitive thinking ability.


The Soma cube is a solid dissection puzzle invented by Piet Hein in 1936 during a lecture on quantum mechanics conducted by Werner Heisenberg.

Seven pieces made out of unit cubes must be assembled into a 3×3×3 cube. The pieces can also be used to make a variety of other 3D shapes.

You can easily grab Soma puzzle here.

You can explore this wooden block puzzle in this video:

3. Tangram Puzzles

Tangram puzzle is also a type of wooden block puzzle.

In short, the tangram in Chinese is 七巧板 or pinyin qīqiǎobǎn, which literally means “seven boards of skill”.

This is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes.

wooden block puzzle

Colorful tangram puzzle

It is good news that Tangram puzzle also comes with different various! And you can also find some inspiration here.

wooden blocks puzzle

Youngsters tend to love these wooden blocks puzzle.

wooden blocks puzzle

Without a doubt, my children really like this kind of wooden block puzzle. It usually offer a vibrant color associated with different shaped wooden blocks which are easy to separate and integrate.

You can easily grab Tangram puzzles on Amazon and other online marketplaces. For instance:

Of course, there are more types of wooden blocks puzzle. I will keep you updated frequently. And if you have something interesting, you can let me know too.

Have fun solving puzzles, folks!

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