Why is wooden puzzle a good idea for kids?

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Why is wooden puzzle a good idea for kids?

wooden puzzle

Wooden puzzle is not simply the toy from the past!

It is in today’s time that most kids are used to playing applications as well as different video games on mobile devices. How’s about wooden puzzle?

It is the wooden puzzle that will give you a number of different benefits and that is what we will be talking about in this article. Check out https://japaneseringpuzzle.com/ to get started.

wooden puzzle


The very first advantage is the renewable materials used to make these puzzles. It is currently common for most wooden toy and puzzle manufacturers to practice sustainable production, instead of relying on using fossil fuels. 

By reusing and recycling these wooden puzzles, we cut down wastes and collectively save our environment. We cannot do so with plastic toys (hint: plastic is made from oil).

Besides, children often get excited about certain subjects like math. With the help of special wooden puzzles, your kids will not get bored in memorizing and calculating as they can incorporate it into play when they play around with these wooden puzzles.

Playing with wooden puzzle also gets kids away from violent stuffs that they may encounter in other video games. And when this happens, you will be able to prevent any form of injuries that might happen to them trying to emulate what they see on these types of games.

Wooden puzzles can also increase your family time together. Instead of everyone doing their own stuff at home, you can gather instead and solve different types of puzzles that are available like the famous Japanese rope puzzle.

The wooden puzzle can also help your kids become smarter. It is when they will engage in these types of games that their minds will get stimulated giving it a proper exercise. Your kids will develop problem-solving and logical skills with the help of these toys.

Wooden puzzle also helps boost your child’s confidence. They will feel good about themselves when successfully getting those puzzles solved. It gives them confidence later in life when they grow up.

It is the benefit that can’t be replicated when they play video games. 

And from our experience, no other wooden puzzle can beat this Japanese Ring Puzzle:

Japanese Ring Puzzle (Video + FREE shipping)


Let’s talk about any drawback of the wooden puzzle to have a better overall view.

I know that a lot of people think about wooden puzzles as old-school toys which are no longer fashionable, especially when your kid’s friends now all play with iPads.

Imagine that your kids carry a Loop de Loop puzzle to school, it’s true they may suffer from peer pressure and feel depress afterwards.

I personally think that we can barely avoid this situation. Some video games and applications on mobile devices such as iPad are really educational, and you should not avoid them completely.

Try to find a fine balance line for your kids to spend time between the games on the screen and the wooden puzzle. That will be really beneficial to the healthy growth of your kids.

If you have any more advantages and disadvantages of whether wooden puzzle is a good idea for kids to share with us, please kindly drop me a line at josh@japaneseringpuzzle.com .

I would love to read them and personally email you back. Meanwhile, stay awesome and get wooden puzzles!

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