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    Japanese Ring Puzzle (watch video)


    Japanese Ring Puzzle

    Shttt, I am offering the best price on the Net. You’re welcome! This handcrafted wooden ring puzzle has been one of the toughest and most intriguing wooden puzzle to solve.

    FREE shipping to your doorsteps.


    The purpose of this Japanese ring puzzle’s brain teaser is that you have to move the metal ring from one bead to another bead (without tearing the puzzle into pieces – I saw some did, I swear).

    Firstly, I and a team of toy professionals carefully handcrafted this ring puzzle for sale. In addition, you can read more about our journey HERE.

    • Meticulously made in Vietnam by original hand-crafters.
    • Absolutely outstanding craftsmanship!
    • FREE international shipping (with a careful gift-ready package) + bilingual solution guide.

    Why wait? Buy it now as we are offering a rare discount!

    Please kindly note that we have red and green as primary colors of the beads. However, we can customize the colors to your likings for a bigger quantity order. Let us know.

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    This is a very entertaining video of one super-duper determined solver who attempts Japanese Ring Puzzle, inspired by a tenacious journey of Akihara – an old Japanese that spent 10 years to pursue the solution.

    For years, he has brought the ring puzzle to many people (and a monkey, yes!!) for help, but only achieved success after contacting Mr. Yamamoto from the Japan Ring Puzzle Association. He is a top-notched puzzle expert by the way.

    One thing you can be sure of is that I and my colleagues 100% stand behind our product. We never compromise on our product quality.

    And do you know that we have been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS …

    japanese ring puzzle

    Let’s grab this awesome puzzle and start our exciting journey through creativity, tenacity, and happiness. If there is any problem, simply shoot me an email at . I am here for you!

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    Weight0.25 kg
    Dimensions11 x 8 x 18 cm